Project Description

A Universal App (Win 8.1 Win Phone 8.1 XAML) for Code Camp attendees with the ability to browse sessions by different search criteria (timeslot, track, etc.).

This project is being developed for use at the 2016 Orlando Code Camp using its OData feed. However, it will be easily adaptable for other Code Camps that implement a new IDataService mapping to their own data source.

This is a brand-new project currently under initial development. It is incomplete and will change significantly before the first major release as more functionality is implemented.

Project Status

Follow my progress and see about future enhancements on Trello:

7/20/15 Update

Upon further reflection after attending the Tampa Code Camp. I've decided to revise my plans a little further. Mainly, there really doesn't need to be Win 8.1 and Win Phone 8.1 releases anymore. The additional projects required and the fewer controls available in 8.1 combined with the anticipated adoption of 10 by next year's event make it inadvisable. Due to history of this project, I have a few partial 8.1 UI implementations, so I will forego cobbling them together to make Win 8.1 and Win Phone 8.1 UIs as I have been and instead migrate that functionality into the common Win 10 UI.

Therefore, the planned schedule for the next 2 releases is:

7/31 - Orlando ServiceStack API (in progress)
8/14 - Windows 10 UI / Release 1

7/17/2015 Update

After not finding much time to work on this project for the past month due to life stuff (my work contract ending and looking for new work), I've decided to reshuffle my priorities a little and have come out with the following schedule for the next 3 releases:

7/31 - ServiceStack API for the Orlando Code Camp data set

After having used Entity Framework for the last few years on the job and OData recently for this project, I am not a fan of Microsoft's ORM (EF) nor what is essentially its web-service wrapper (OData). I always meant to port the Orlando Code Camp data set over to ServiceStack and, hopefully, get approval to add a parallel API to the OData API down the road. Instead, I've decided to jump right in now and build my own ServiceStack API on my own server as a proof of concept to get around the bugginess and unneccesary overhead of OData, especially V1.

8/14 - Windows 8.1 / 10 UI
8/28 - Windows Phone 8.1 / 10 UI

Another benefit of implementing the ServiceStack API first is that I can implement Windows 10 features where feasible once Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10 are released later this month.

6/15/15 Update

The data model has been updated and the design time and Orlando OData data services are now complete:

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